7. Laws, guidelines and best practices in new drug development

Our 7th podcast in the series  “The Journey to a New Drug,” dives into the regulatory environment with Crinetics Pharmaceuticals regulatory affairs team, Senior Director Michael Monahan, and Operations Manager Debbie Koh Mendez. Crinetics is developing several new oral drugs for Acromegaly and Cushing’s.  This podcast is an engaging talk rich with information from two extremely experienced executives. They give us a thorough insiders look at their work with regulatory agencies in the US and Europe. And, given the current issues with COVID-19 vaccine and therapy development, this podcast offers a very educational, timely discussion.  So if you want to learn more about the regulations for the approval of new drugs this is your chance.

Toward the end of the podcasts, don’t miss a great discussion on the latest trend in patient involvement and seeking patient insight in the regulatory environment.


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