A featured essay by Dr. Blevins on the Art of Medicine in this month’s issue of Operative Neurosurgery

The March 15th issue of Operative Neurosurgery features an article by Dr Lewis Blevins on the Art of Medicine.  You can go to the publication’s website to read the article or download a PDF  here.  In it Dr Blevins discussed his views and experiences.  Here is a excerpt:

As a young physician, I was trained to incorporate the “science” of medicine or, as it is called, “evidenced-based medicine” with the goal of achieving the best “outcomes” which are, oftentimes, ill-defined or, frankly, undefined. What is normal? What does disease-free survival really imply? What is “quality of life?” It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was more to it than the “science” of medicine. Patients didn’t often “fit” the textbook descriptions of diseases. Not all patients with the same disease responded in the same manner to the same treatments.

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