Acromegaly awareness day is November 1

And to mark the occasion we thought it would be fun to participate in the “A Day in my Acromegaly Shoes” initiative.

This is a fun program sponsored by Novartis, designed to increase awareness of Acromegaly.  Music to our ears, since as you know, Pituitary World News was solely created to increase awareness of pituitary disease so more people are diagnosed properly and early.

So get involved! Let’s make Acromegaly Awareness Day a total success and expose the world to this tough disease.

Here’s how to play:

Step 1: It’s easy! Put on your favorite shoes

Step 2: Take a “shoe selfie” by yourself or with friends

Step 3: Post your “shoe selfie” to your social media channels with the caption/hashtag: “I’m taking a step forward for acromegaly awareness #MyAcroShoes”

Step 4: Check out other shoe selfies to like/retweet by searching our hashtag!

Additionally, if anyone would like their “shoe selfies” to be included in a video and photo montages, please share your photos with Jeannie Neufeld ( via email.

Have fun!!



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