Acromegaly portraits: A photo essay by Spain’s acromegaly community

In a fantastic photo exposition from our friends at the Spanish Acromegaly Association, Raquel Ciriza, and her team illustrate this point with stunning, beautiful visuals of people with Acromegaly.

We don’t have to portrait Bond Villains, Andre the Giant, and other extreme stigmatizing visuals of people with acromegaly to get our point across

The campaign called “We all have something that makes us grand” touches on this important point which we also highlighted in our article “Anyone can get acromegaly: Awareness is Key” originally published October 30, 2017; early diagnosis is critical for better quality of life for all people with acromegaly.

Raquel in her website presentation writes:

“After months of exciting work: the day arrived! We present the campaign “We all have something that makes us grand”.

And to them … what makes them grand? Their generosity! Almudena, Ibrahim, José Carlos, Maria José, Maria Jesús, and Paco: six patients with acromegaly who have had the courage to stand in front of the camera and show their features.

Acromegaly, that great unknown, a disease that transforms, outside and inside. They know it well. However, many other patients, perhaps thousands … do not know that they also live with it. That is why we have decided to tell you. That’s why the six of us have opened the doors of their history and their journey with the disease.”

If you read Spanish, I recommend you check the campaign at:

Don’t miss it!


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