Art in the OR by Dr. Lewis Blevins

Dr. Martin Rutkowski

Each year, the University of California, San Francisco graduates four neurosurgical residents who have met the basic qualifications to become practicing neurosurgeons.  Most, however, go on to additional training to subspecialize in the field of neurological surgery.

Dr. Jonathan Breshears

To commemorate their achievements and the conclusion of their training, one of our co-founders, Dr. Lewis Blevins, gifts the program graduates a portrait of themselves performing various operations.  

Dr. Joseph Osorio

We would like to draw attention to one of the 2018 graduates, Dr. Martin Rutkowski, who will be leaving UCSF for the University of Southern California where he will spend a year obtaining additional training to become a pituitary neurosurgeon.

Dr. Derek Southwell

Dr. Rutkowski has already developed a degree of expertise under the tutelage of Drs. Sandeep Kunwar, Manish Aghi, and Philip Theodosopoulos who operate at the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at The University of California, San Francisco.

We wish Dr. Rutkowski, and his colleagues Drs. Jonathan Breshears, Joseph Osorio, and Derek Southwell all the very best in their educational endeavors and developing careers.


paintings by Lewis S. Blevins Jr. M.D.


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