Be wary of lofty claims that sound too good to be true

We promote traditional approaches to pituitary disorders. We believe in ongoing research and development to expand knowledge and discover new therapies. We recognize that most medications have, as their point of origin, some derivation from or relation to plants or other natural molecules. For example, dopamine agonists are structurally related to ergot alkaloids and Pegvisomant is a chemically modified form of GH. We believe in a healthy lifestyle, approach to food intake, meditation, and other approaches to rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. We do, however, caution you to avoid the snake oil salesmen who excel at one thing….taking your money! Some call their hocked products natural. We believe that the iron in the surgeons scalpel blade is just as natural. As is the electricity in his coagulator to stop bleeding. As are most of the hormone replacements and biological molecules used in modern management of pituitary disorders. Be careful that you choose treatments that are tried and true and not based on a snake oil salesman’s well-crafted reach into your wallet or pocket book. With a Saturday morning perspective…..Lewis Blevins.

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