Live talk, session 15 – A chat with preeminent pituitary neurosurgeon Dr. Sandeep Kunwar

October 3, 2022

If you didn’t have a chance to hear it live, here’s a podcast from the live talk session from last Thursday with special guest and PWN friend and contributor Pituitary neurosurgeon Dr. Sandeep Kunwar.  He joined Dr. Lewis Blevins for a great discussion of the latest in pituitary surgery and disease management. These are two of the most experienced pituitary physicians in the world, providing a personal, intimate look at their craft.  Don’t miss this podcast with tons of information and insight into the latest trends in pituitary surgery and disease management.  Enjoy!   Learn more about Dr. Kunwar in this video from the California Center for Pituitary disorders at UCSF and listen to this podcast we did with him a few years ago. Don’t miss “Live Talk” Thursday, September 22, 3:00 pm PST.

Live talk, session 13 – On this live talk session: a path to better systems

September 13, 2022

On our Live-talk program today, a fascinating, nothing left on the table, discussion about a variety of topics that affect pituitary patients; from access to medication and therapies to problems with social media and misinformation to the complexities of diagnosis and refuting diagnosis to the role of the doctor and the patient to solve many of these challenges.

Live talk, session 12 – August 4, 2022: Residual and recurring Cushing’s

August 5, 2022

It’s always fascinating to listen to two of the recognized experts and leading clinicians in Cushing’s disease discuss their experiences with the disease and patients.  In this Live Talk session, Pituitary World New’s innovative program for education and awareness, Dr. Kevin Yuen and Dr. Lewis Blevins bring an intimate, revealing look at their approaches to Cushing’s disease and syndrome.  

The world of endocrine nursing: a chat with Dr. Chris Yedinak

June 10, 2022

In this podcast,  we dive into the world of endocrine nursing with Dr. Chris Yedinak from the Oregon Health and Science University. For the last five years, she has specialized in neuroendocrine testing and pre-and post-operative care of patients with neuroendocrine and pituitary diseases.  Nurses play a critical role in the care of patients with pituitary disease and we are delighted to bring you this wonderful conversation.

Live talk, session 7 – May 26, 2022: Valuable insights from actual pituitary medicine practice

May 30, 2022

This session presents more musing based on the actual practice of pituitary medicine, including growth hormone, the recent Covid-19 surge, dexamethasone dose adjustments, an interesting empty sella case with an enlarged pituitary gland, gadolinium, and the connection between mold and pituitary tumors misinformation flying around on the internet, adrenal and pituitary Cushing’s, and a look at telemedicine changes that may not be that good for patients.