Aging and hormones

July 19, 2023

A recent article in Oxford Academic Press reviews the state of research and development of age-related hormonal changes, focusing on understanding the factors that cause those changes with the goal of improving health. Future activities in this area, guided by this scientific statement, will be particularly relevant to those 65 years and older.

Online behavior: another concerning look

July 10, 2023

In a recent JAMA Network article covering the COVID-19 pandemic, 23.3% of physicians reported personal attacks on social media.  Online bullying and social media harassment are nothing new, but this behavior, plus considerable misinformation, makes disseminating helpful, accurate content an ongoing challenge.  

Orphan Drugs: a lifeline for rare diseases

May 16, 2023

The World Orphan Drug Congress slated for May 23 to 25 in Washington DC, brings together leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, government and regulatory authorities, patient advocacy groups, payers, investors, and solution providers to meet and

A guide for people with AVP-D (DI) facing surgery

April 6, 2023

From the “Got Diabetes Insipidus” support group comes this very helpful guide from Drs. Christ-Crain and Atila – University Hospital Basel – to help in the management of AVP-D (arginine vasopressin deficiency, formerly diabetes insipidus)

Live-talk, session 22 – Dr. Sylvia Asa discusses her groundbreaking work in endocrine pathology

February 13, 2023

This week’s Live-talk offers critical knowledge that people affected with pituitary and endocrine diseases need to know to ensure they receive proper treatment. Dr. Sylvia Asa, a pioneer in endocrine and pituitary tumor pathology, talks with Dr. Lewis Blevins about her work in the field and the reclassification of pituitary adenomas to Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumors, or PitNets.

Conference presentations acromegaly Canada 2022

February 6, 2023

The Acromegaly Canada International acromegaly conference was held in Vancouver in late 2022 and served timely presentations and discussions with the latest updates and news.  If you have acromegaly, have a family member that suffers

Patient and advocacy groups observe pituitary awareness month

October 10, 2022

From the editors: In what is now a yearly occurrence, pituitary groups and industry from all over the world mark October as pituitary awareness month. “The hope in doing this work is to organize a joint effort to maximize the opportunity to talk with a unified voice and increase awareness of pituitary diseases,” said JD Faccinetti, Chairman and chief editor of Pituitary World News.