The world of endocrine nursing: a chat with Dr. Chris Yedinak

June 10, 2022

In this podcast,  we dive into the world of endocrine nursing with Dr. Chris Yedinak from the Oregon Health and Science University. For the last five years, she has specialized in neuroendocrine testing and pre-and post-operative care of patients with neuroendocrine and pituitary diseases.  Nurses play a critical role in the care of patients with pituitary disease and we are delighted to bring you this wonderful conversation.

The Sound of Stress

November 11, 2014

Media Release – From the International Congress of Endocrinology/ European Congress of Endocrinology  High-pitched sound raises the stress hormone cortisol while low-pitched sound reduces it according to a small pilot study presented at the joint

News on Acromegaly from the Endocrine Society

November 5, 2014

Experts Recommend Tumor Removal as First-Line Treatment for Acromegaly.  Endocrine society publishes Clinical Practice Guidelines on condition caused by excess growth Hormone.  View a PDF of the guidelines here Washington, DC—The Endocrine Society today issued

Think different

October 10, 2014

First, I know “think different” is bad grammar as it should be “think differently”, but it really says it, doesn’t it? A few years ago, 1998 to be exact, Apple, Inc., (the then computer company)

Molly’s Story

October 5, 2014

From Rachel Pegler  –  My daughter Molly has hypopituritsm She takes thyroid medication, growth hormone and hydro-cortisone this pituitary condition was undiagnosed for 14 years, she has suffered immensely as a baby and child. Molly