A remarkable acromegaly story of transformation.

February 7, 2024

Today’s podcast is about our super athlete friend Risa August and her new book, “The Road Unpaved.”  We followed her herculean effort to ride 1845-plus miles to get from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Coast Highway, which, as you can imagine, is no picnic for anyone, let alone if you are fighting acromegaly symptoms. It is downright amazing she did it at all. Now, she has written a book about her experience with acromegaly, the ride, and life. Learn more about Risa, her practice and her upcoming plans at Risa Unleashed. To read her past PWN articles search for Risa or Marisa here, or go to – www.risaaugust.com

Making a difference

May 9, 2017

From Jorge D Faccinetti – cofounder Pituitary World News – In today’s podcasts we talk with Jill Sisco president of the Acromegaly Community, a leading acromegaly patient support group.  Our candid discussion centers around patient support,

Hypopituitarism in adults

January 13, 2017

In this highly informative podcast, Dr. Lewis Blevins reviews a recent article by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism on Hypopituitarism in Adults.  The article was published in October 2016.  After you listen to