Diabetes Insipidus: a common condition for Histiocytosis and Pituitary conditions

August 16, 2022

Today’s podcast focuses on an opportunity to learn about a group of rare diseases that share a common condition with pituitary disease. Histiocytosis or histiocytic disorders are a group of rare diseases that occur when there is an overproduction of white blood cells known as histiocytes that can lead to organ damage and tumor formation. DI impacts almost 50% of Histiocytosis patients and 35% of pituitary patients. I am pleased to welcome three advocates Deanna Fournier, Executive Director of the Histiocytosis Association; Kathleen Brewer, founder/president of the Erdheim-Chester Disease Global Alliance; and Claudio DiGirolamo, President of the Histiocytosis Association of Canada, to talk about these diseases and their advocacy efforts. 

Podcast: A conversation with Dr. Maria Fleseriu

September 25, 2020

With new advances in the Cushings space, we asked Dr. Maria Fleseriu,  Professor of Medicine and Neurological Surgery and Director of the Pituitary Center at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon, USA, to give us