Conference presentations acromegaly Canada 2022

The Acromegaly Canada International acromegaly conference was held in Vancouver in late 2022 and served timely presentations and discussions with the latest updates and news.  If you have acromegaly, have a family member that suffers from the disease, or are a healthcare professional and want to learn more, you can now watch the presentations and panel discussions.  The videos include talks from leading pituitary specialists, nurses, mental health and communication experts, and patient advocates.

The conference, held in Toronto in late 2019, provided an excellent forum for discussion and idea-sharing on the problems and opportunities facing healthcare professionals and patients alike.  We’ve published a few of the presentations in our video section.  You can also view all the videos here.  As always, kudos to the organizing group from Acromegaly Canada, and our special thanks to Deanna Badiuk and Pieter Dorsman for doing such a great job and making this material available for everyone to see.  We were delighted to participate and present an update on PWN strategies on awareness and collaborative efforts, which you can watch here.

About Acromegaly Canada: The Acromegaly Canada National Conference brings together individuals with acromegaly and gigantism, their family and friends, medical professionals, and inspiring speakers to address topics impacting our community. Click here for more information on Acromegaly Canada.

      • New research and treatments
      • Patient studies
      • Symptom management
      • Mental health
      • Patient stories
      • Advocacy and awareness efforts
      • Lots of socializing and laughs!

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