Got DI (Vasopressin Deficiency)? This is your chance to help!

There is an urgent world need for people with DI/Vasopressin Deficiency to understand and better manage this condition. The advocacy community, including the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – WAPO, the Got DI/AVP patient community, and the Histiocytosis Association, have put together a survey to learn more about patient needs in AVP/DI. So, if you have experience with this challenging condition, please help. Your input is invaluable. The survey was supervised by Dr. Cihan Atila from University of Basel, Switzerland, who has published extensively on the subject. You can read more about Dr. Atila here.


Click on this link to view articles and podcasts on AVP/DI and learn more. Also, stay tuned for Dr. Lewis Blevins’s new book on AVP/DI, soon to be published by Pituitary World News.


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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