Lab tests and Dr.’s appointments: A PWN survey of reader’s opinions

We recently did a survey to explore opinions and attitudes about laboratory testing prior to a visit with your doctor.  The reason: patients are increasingly requesting laboratory tests results be obtained in advance of their physicians’ visits. While this would seem to streamline visits and provide immediate answers to questions about the adequacy of different medication dosages, it does lead to a number of different problems for both patients and physicians alike.

We found the information very interesting, helpful and revealing.  Our first reaction was to try to write a summary of the data results and provide our comments.  But the responses turned out to be so compelling that we opted to release the results without any comments or insights on our part.   We thought you’d enjoy seeing the raw results.  Your additional comments are always welcome.

Note: Even though many of you provided contact information we have opted not to include it in the results.  It is our policy not to share, under any circumstances, any personal information unless we inform you in advance and you give us specific permission to share it.


You can view the report with the stats and answers to all the close-ended questions by clicking on the picture to the left.  Close-ended questions are those that require a yes/no answer or multiple choice or ask you to pick a number on a scale, i.e level of satisfaction.

Click here to read respondent’s opinions and comments to the open-ended question.  Open-ended questions are those that require a longer more meaningful answer with your opinions and comments.  

Stay tuned for more discussion on this and other important subjects.

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