Live-talk, session 20 – new drugs and therapies in the pipeline for acromegaly and Cushing’s

Today we present an excellent discussion with Dr. Alan Krasner, Chief Medical Officer for Crinetics Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Krasner speaks to PWN about two very important drugs currently under development. Learn about what is coming, the timelines, potential new therapies, and approaches in acromegaly, Cushing’s, and hyperinsulinism. These are exciting times in the field with a forward-thinking, creative group of scientists applying their knowledge and experience in pituitary and neuroendocrine science to develop new approaches and solutions for patients. This is a discussion you don’t want to miss! Click on this link to learn more about Crinetics’ clinical studies and how to participate.

For more background listen to Dr. Alessandra Casagrande, Senior Director of Clinical Research at Crinetics, talk about the intricacies of clinical trials.

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