Live talk, session 8 – June 9, 2022: The semantics of pituitary conditions

Semantics, or by definition, the way we relate to different meanings of words or other symbols, are essential. The words we use to communicate and inform are critical. In our session today, we discuss the semantics of pituitary medicine and underline the importance of describing things accurately. Brain tumors and pituitary tumors are they the same? What is the difference? What is the difference between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus?  Why are they both called diabetes? How about adrenal and Addison’s disease? And what is the discussion between NETs (neuroendocrine tumors) and pituitary tumors? Are they the same should they be jointly classified? Our session today dives into these subjects and a few other pearls you don’t want to miss. Also, we welcome two callers as they share their views and challenges with interesting comments.

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