Making a difference

Today we begin a new series of feature articles that highlight the tireless work that people do to help others.  Here are three amazing human beings:


Jill Sisco runs the Acromegaly Community website and support group. For those interested and touched by this disease, Jill organizes and hosts an Acromegaly Community annual international conference engaging patients, specialists, and pharmaceutical companies. You can read more about this year’s conference, which was held Friday, April 29, in Chicago.  The acromegaly community website publishes all the pertinent information and details on upcoming events. You can also get involved by joining community’s Facebook main support group. Acromegaly awareness day is coming up November 1, 2016, so we encourage you to check the website periodically for events, ways to get involved and updates on activities. Jill’s work provides a great opportunity for patients to take control and advocate for their best health possible.



Sharmyn McGraw runs a website for Cushing’s syndrome. She knows firsthand how a hormonal imbalance can turn your life upside down. She has a gift for touching the emotions of the audience through her passionate and humorous storytelling. Her story speaks about the barriers that kept her searching for seven years for an answer to an insidious illness that nearly took her life, and the importance of persistence which led her to a correct diagnosis for Cushing’s disease, a life-threatening hormonal imbalance caused by a pituitary brain tumor.  Sharmyn has teamed up with the Pacific Neuroscience Institute where she runs a patient support group.



Sandra Mesri. For our Spanish speaking readers, this website comes all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina with connections to other support groups through Latin America. Sandra Mesri founded this group after her Acromegaly diagnosis. Sandra’s story is not unlike many others. She was bounced from doctor to doctor until the proper diagnosis was done.   Sandra’s group APEHI (in Spanish) focuses on informing the public about pituitary disease and its consequences including costs and insurance coverage. Sandra currently serves on the board of the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations.


Stay tuned to Pituitary World News for more information on these and other important groups.

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