You are not the only one rowing the canoe up the river.

From Jorge D Faccinetti, cofounder –   Our recent One-Question survey on emotional and mental health got quite a bit of attention.   Thank you to the many PWN readers who wrote and shared very personal, often very painful experiences, about the emotional issues that affect so many pituitary disease sufferers.

We were overwhelmed by the stories and wanted to publish this note to let you know about next steps.

We are in the process of summarizing the comments so we can make them available to everyone. PWN contributing author and mental health expert Linda M. Rio, MA., LMFT, is working on articles to be submitted to psychology trade journals and general market psychology and behavioral publications. The purpose is to try to make more people aware of this important subject. The help you provide by sharing your experiences is an invaluable contribution to the critical task of putting mental health on the radar. We wanted you to know that!

Thanks again for the thoughtful approach to this sensitive and complicated subject. We are convinced that the unselfish act of sharing experiences gives people hope as they realize they are not alone.

Please stay tuned for more information on this very important subject.

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