On November 1 organizations around the world mark Acromegaly Day

Patients, advocacy, and healthcare organizations are promoting awareness of the condition around the world.

The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations WAPO Board decided to re-use the WAPO Acromegaly Awareness Campaign of 2019 to raise awareness on November 1st, International Acromegaly Day The posters are available in French, Italian, Lithuanian, and Russian.  Please raise awareness and support patients with this campaign!  #MyAcroLife2020

The Spanish Association of People Affected by Acromegaly writes: (translated from the original Spanish) We are not 3,000, we are many more. This next Sunday, November 1, we celebrated #Acromegaly Day and from the #AEAA we are going to share a lot of information during these days. 🔖The objective? Shout out to the world that acromegaly exists to encourage early diagnosis.
Pay attention to our networks! 😃  #MyAcroLife

The Acromegaly Community, a US-based patient advocacy organization has made available several programs to help patients spread the word.  These templates can be used to update your profile picture on Facebook. Also, check out this cool video platform called StoryVine where you can make an automatic generated video about your acromegaly journey.  Check out these platforms on the Acromegaly Community Facebook page.

Acromegaly Canada published an infographic with key acromegaly statistics, including signs and symptoms, and other important information to make it easy to talk about the disease. And Dianne Sauve – President of Acromegaly Ottawa Support Group sharing her experience and awareness of Acromegaly. Contact Acromegaly Canada to get a copy of the infographic.

FAETH in Ecuador and Apehi in Argentina team up to publish a video from WAPO board member Sandra Mesri on the work that WAPO does to support patient advocacy member organizations worldwide.  Click here to watch the video




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