Our friend Risa is on a hike

After completing the Pacific Coast Highway Canada to Mexico bicycle adventure last year, our friend, and super acromegaly patient, Risa Heidt, is on another adventure hike. This, my friends, is what one would call a heck of a walk. The Camino Salkantay (The Salkantay Trek to Machu Pichu), the ancient Inca grounds in Peru, is one of the world’s most challenging and spectacular hikes. It takes you through passes and stunning changing landscapes from rainforests to high mountains. Salkantay, a Quechua word that means Savage Mountain, is the second-highest mountain in Cusco at 20,574 feet, around 6,300 meters. The air is thin around that area. We are not sure the exact route that Risa will take, but you can check the Facebook feed at Risa Unleashed to see her progress reports. According to descriptions from the area, the total trek is around 50 miles, with climbs of approximately 6,000 feet. Risa told me she’s been preparing and training hard for this adventure and was definitely up for it. We can’t wait to get her updates and chat with her when she gets back.

Risa’s journey with acromegaly has been challenging. “Now, I’m focusing on healing my body and my soul,” says Risa. “I have a long road ahead of me and an uncertain future, but I am learning to use my voice, and I want to inspire and encourage others to use theirs. My goal is to bring awareness to Pituitary Diseases; the earlier the diagnosis, the better. I will do this throughout my journey by sharing it with all of those who will listen.” If you’d like to read more about Risa’s contributions to PWN, click here.


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