From Lewis Blevins. MD

I’ve been asked on at least two occasions to comment on oxytocin in patients with hypothalamic and pituitary disorders.

Oxytocin is a fascinating hormone made by the hypothalamus. It is stored and released in the posterior pituitary . There, are also pathways from the hypothalamus to other parts of the brain that are important and may be sufficient so that the hormone can act as a neurotransmitter in patients with pituitary disorders.

It would seem, based on the actions of oxytocin, and the regularity of emotional and psychological issues in patients with pituitary disorders as has been demonstrated by a multitude of investigators, that it would be important to study the effects of the peptide hormone in patients with various forms of hypopituitarism. I am unable, however, to find any evidence for clinical trials of oxytocin replacement therapy in hypopituitarism. Perhaps this is the new frontier in our field!

Here is an interesting link that will help you learn more about oxytocin.


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