When it comes to pituitary information on the web, not all guides are created equal.  We did some research on the best web-based “Pituitary tumor: Frequently Asked Questions”,  (FAQ).

Here’s what we found:

For an excellent, comprehensive summary, the University of Virginia School of Medicine offers basic information that is very easy to understand and follow. From here you’ll be able to search for a much more in-depth knowledge base.  Review the UV guide here

The US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health has a broader view of pituitary tumors including FAQs on complications, disorders, conditions, and their effect on pregnancy.  Read the NIH FAQs here.  The NIH also offers excellent summaries on symptoms, risk factors, causes, diagnostics, and treatment.  Read more here.

From UCSF and Harvard, two of the very best pituitary centers in the US, come two excellent guides on Transsphenoidal Surgery FAQ’s. The summaries cover soup-to-nuts information on how the surgery is performed, what to expect, how to choose a surgeon, risks, and complications

From UCSF: https://ccpd.ucsf.edu/faq-about-transsphenoidal-surgery

From Harvard: https://pituitary.mgh.harvard.edu/TranssphenoidalSurgery.htm

University of Rochester Medical Center’s Health Encyclopedia offers a complete pituitary tumor knowledge base that is also very complete and easy to follow.  Review it here

The Pituitary Network Association also offers a first rate basic summary of pituitary tumor knowledge.  Read more here

Stay tuned for more information as we review other sources.

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