Raising GP’s Awareness in Diagnosing Cushing’s

From the Pituitary Foundation in the UK, a Cushing’s awarenesses initiative targeting primary care physicians (GP’S).  For October Cushing’s awareness activities, the Pituitary Foundation in the UK has launched a campaign focused on GP’s (General Practitioners). Cushing’s symptoms, such as obesity, menopause, depression, and hypertension, are common conditions that are regularly seen by GPs and often not considered for a diagnosis.The Foundation will be contacting the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Nursing Standard, The BMJ, and, as usual, work beside the Society for Endocrinology to help raise this awareness. 

The Foundation is also encouraging schools and businesses to hold “Go Orange” days and simultaneously raise awareness and spread the message about the symptoms of Cushing’s. The Pituitary Foundation’s “Go Orange” campaign is its biggest community awareness campaign. 

The Pituitary Foundation is urging everyone to get involved, which can make a significant difference in how widely the message spreads across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Your involvement could mean that others do not have to go through the frustratingly long diagnosis that many patients experience.

 Please email enquiries@pituitary.org.uk or call 0117 370 1333. 

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