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From the editor’s desk – One of the challenges for us at PWN is keeping content from years past easy to find and available to our readers.  With over 650 original articles, videos, and over 160 podcasts since we started in 2014, 99 percent of which are still relevant, what to feature front and center is always a hard decision.  The good news for those of you looking for news and information: our platform offers a robust search capability where a few search terms will reveal content you may not have seen before, particularly if you’re new to Pituitary World News.

Here are a few suggestions from our archives:

  • Why do adenomas recur?  This podcast from July 2019 is about silent Corticotropic adenomas and the recurrence rate of these tumors vs. all pituitary adenomas.  Dr. Blevins weighs into a recent paper and current research to discuss why adenomas recur and, importantly, why long-term follow-up is essential and must be continued.  Listen here.
  • Silent pituitary adenomas.  This is a fascinating look from 2019 into these tumors that are thought not to secrete hormones.  In the podcast, Dr. Blevins discusses the complexities and challenges of these specific adenomas.  Listen here.
  • Acromegaly that is difficult to determine. Listen to a discussion of Acromegaly cases that are difficult to discern for various clinical and biochemical reasons from 2018.  Learn about people with definite acromegaly but negative MRI studies.  Listen here.
  • The evolving story of hypercortisolism.  Learn how the emerging knowledge of hypercortisolism influences how Cushing’s disease and syndrome are understood and affects the practice and those working on the front lines doing the work and caring for patients. This podcast was first published in 2021.  Listen here.
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