Second Annual Patient Gathering: Pre-recorded Sessions


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Sandeep Kunwar, M.D. Surgical Director, California Center for Pituitary Disorders; Professor, University California San Francisco.

Treatment of Recurrent/Residual Pituitary Tumors – View the presentation

Acromegaly: Surgery vs. Medical Therapy –  View the presentation


Manish K. Aghi, M.D., Ph.D. Maydan Endowed Professor Department Neurological Surgery. Director Center for Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery, University California San Francisco

Indications for Surgery for Porlactinomas – View the presentation

Differential Diagnosis of a Pituitary Lesion – View the presentation


Kevin C.J. Yuen, M.D. FRCP(UK), FACE Professor of Medicine and Medical Director Barrow Pituitary Center, Barrow Neurological Institute, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Creighton School of Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona.

Management Strategies for Patients with Residual or Recurrent Cushing Syndrome – View the presentation

GH Deficiency and Long-Acting GH – View the presentation


Linda M Rio Marriage and Family Therapist Contributor PWN –

Emotional and Relationship Health for Pituitary Patients and Families – View the presentation


Lewis S. Blevins, Jr. M.D. Medical Director Center for Pituitary Disorders ay UCSF, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Neurological Surgery

Management of Hypopituitarism – View the presentation

Medical Treatment of Acromegaly – View the presentation

Diabetes Insipidus – View the presentation


Jorge D. Faccinetti, Chairman, CEO, and cofounder Pituitary World News.

Pituitary World News – How to work with us.  The importance of Awareness to Aid in Early Diagnosis – View the presentation


Philip Theodosopoulos, M.D. Attending Neurosurgeon, California Center for Pituitary Disorders Professor and Vice-Chair of Neurological Surgery
Director of Skull Base Tumor Surgery.

What endoscopic surgery is all about – View the presentation