Sharing knowledge: a Pituitary World News vital objective.

From Lewis S. Blevins Jr. M.D. co-founder – An insatiable quest for knowledge is a good thing and, especially when dealing with medical issues. Physicians have, since the beginning of time, gathered in order to share interesting patients, new knowledge, research findings, and general overviews of topics to educate others in order to improve the care of patients. The last several decades have seen the advent of patient support groups and national as well as international meetings so that patients can be better informed and advocate for themselves. Social media and a multitude of internet resources have also led to an exponential growth In patient-directed self-learning about their medical conditions.

It is our belief that this so-called self-learning, coupled with a strong doctor-patient relationship, leads to early diagnosis, knowledge of available treatments, and perhaps improved access to healthcare as well as self-advocacy and improved compliance with treatments. The common goals are that individual patients will be able to obtain a diagnosis, cure of their diseases, or at least suffer less than they would otherwise, and that this learning will improve the overall health of the nations of the world. 

The meeting of the minds, outside of the examination room, where the two groups share information and learn from one another is essential to a better understanding of the perspectives or viewpoints of those in the “other“ camp. With this sharing in mind, Pituitary World News will, with permission, share PowerPoint presentations and video of lectures delivered by physicians and patients alike at various conferences.

Here are five presentations you can review by clicking on each title below:

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