World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations: April 2018 Newsletter

The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO) recently published their first newsletter for 2018 with a bunch of interesting pituitary organization’s articles from around the world.  Andrei Andrusov, WAPO Chairman of the Board reviews a process that can be used by patient organizations to assess the impact of their efforts. These are very helpful logic analyses, which are extremely helpful in focusing advocacy efforts based on the impact and results they produce. In other words, these schemes help answer the questions: are our efforts doing what we intend them to do. We undertook a similar program in 2015 – “The PWN Logic Model”, which you can read here.

We are delighted to have been asked to write an article on awareness and planning processes to increase awareness and familiarity fo pituitary disease, which we hope will be helpful to everyone working to make these tough conditions more recognizable.

Also, don’t miss the very interesting articles from Russia, Argentina, Spain, Peru and Canada.

Click here to read and download the Global Pituitary Voice, April 2018 newsletter.

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