Your guide to underactive thyroid – the true ‘Low T.’

In this US News and World Report an article, Hypothyroidism: What It Means for You, by Lisa Esposito, Dr. Lewis Blevins co-founder of Pituitary World News and colleagues discuss the intricate facts of Hypothyroidism, its causes, tests, therapies and other important information.

You’re feeling sluggish, tired, cold, achy and constipated. Your voice is hoarse, and your face is puffy. And you’re gaining weight but losing hair. What’s going on? You could have a failing thyroid gland, no longer producing enough hormones for your body to function properly. While hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, has several possible causes, it’s most commonly an autoimmune disease. The good news: Once you get your diagnosis and medication dosage straight, treatment is often as simple as a taking a single daily pill. Here’s what you need to know:  Click here to read the article

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