Acromegaly 101: patient perspective

From the Pacific Neuroscience Institute, Sharmyn McGraw sends us this article in which she asked leaders of various pituitary organizations, including Pituitary World News, their opinions on the biggest obstacles facing acromegaly patients.

From Sharmyn McGraw: As a patient advocate I work with many pituitary patient advocate organizations around the world.  Since my own pituitary surgery with Dr. Daniel Kelly over 16 years ago my passion has grown stronger. I’m still seeing too many patients going far too long without a timely diagnosis and proper treatments. So I want to make sure pituitary patient organizations are being heard. They dedicate endless hours of their time as they know the extent to which acromegaly patients suffer with this complex disorder. They are the voice for the patients they support and they continue pushing for medical care that results in a better quality of life for patients.

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