A remarkable acromegaly story of transformation.

February 7, 2024

Today’s podcast is about our super athlete friend Risa August and her new book, “The Road Unpaved.”  We followed her herculean effort to ride 1845-plus miles to get from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Coast Highway, which, as you can imagine, is no picnic for anyone, let alone if you are fighting acromegaly symptoms. It is downright amazing she did it at all. Now, she has written a book about her experience with acromegaly, the ride, and life. Learn more about Risa, her practice and her upcoming plans at Risa Unleashed. To read her past PWN articles search for Risa or Marisa here, or go to – www.risaaugust.com

Our chat with Giacomo Chiesi

January 11, 2024

In today’s podcast, we talk with Giacomo Chiesi, Head of Global Rare Diseases at the Chiesi Group, where he leads a team in developing and marketing treatments for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Denials and other shenanigans: insurance companies and the games they play

November 28, 2023

Today’s’ podcast is a recording of the Pituitary World News talk program that aired live on November 16. The information comes directly from one of the busiest, most successful clinics in the world of pituitary disease. The podcast presents a real-world, honest, in-depth discussion of health insurance denials, how this practice affects patients and physicians, how they use guidelines to muddy the process, oppose individualized care, and question a specialist’s decision-making.

Veronica’s experience with a Prolactinoma

November 14, 2023

In today’s podcast, Veronica, an MBA graduate of Notre Dame University and law school student, tells us about her experience with a prolactinoma. What is interesting about this story is that in pituitary medicine, where delays in diagnosis and general unawareness are all too often the order of the day, this is a perfect example of how awareness and smart thinking make things work as they are supposed to.

Endocrine nursing: a panel discussion

August 29, 2023

Today, I am particularly thrilled about this podcast with a group of leading professional nurses who are educators, scientists, researchers, nurse practitioners, and graduate students.

A review of our “Musings” podcast series

July 25, 2023

From the PWN library, we highlight our engaging podcast series “Musings,” covering various exciting subjects directly from Dr. Blevins’ desk. From lab result targets explaining how lab tests work, to what makes aiming at and

Pituitary Foundation UK: helping people live a better life

June 23, 2023

Listen to this informative podcast with Ren Renwick, CEO of the Pituitary Foundation in the United Kindom. The foundation is a leading volunteer organization providing a variety of resources and support functions for people with pituitary disease.