Worth noting:

News from Recordati on osilodrostat for endogenous Cushing’s – More details here

Corcept Therapeutics reports significant results in Cushing’s drug trial.  Read more

New support site from Chiesi; Rethink acromegaly

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals announces more Phase 3 paltusotine results in participants with acromegaly who were not pharmacologically treated . Read more

Pfizer announces Together with Acromegaly patient support site and Together for Rare: Understanding your insurance options video.

Chiesi relaunches a patient-facing website for Mycapssa.

The Podcast

Knowledge and information are critical tools to affect early diagnosis in pituitary disease. Join Dr. Lewis Blevins and Jorge D Faccinetti cofounders, as they navigate the wonders and complexities of pituitary conditions.

Live Talk on Demand

On today's podcast and  Cushing's awareness day and month, we bring you a few excerpts from our soon-to-be-released new book on Cushing's. The book's author and Pituitary World News cofounder, Dr. Lewis Blevins, reads from a few selected chapters to give insight into the book's content.

Today’s podcast is about our super athlete friend Risa August and her new book about her acromegaly experience, her life, and her 1,800 mile ride from Canada to Mexico.

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