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Worth noting:

Pfizer presents Together for Rare: Understanding your insurance options video.

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals announces  Phase 3 PATHFNDR-1 and 2 for acromegaly. Read more

Two resources from Recordati:  Cushing’s Conversations and Cushing’s Inspirations

Amryt Pharma relaunches a patient-facing website for Mycapssa.

Corcept Therapeutics communication materials for Phase 3 Trial of Relacolirant for Cushing’s syndrome now available.  Learn more.

The Podcast

Knowledge and information are critical tools to affect early diagnosis in pituitary disease. Join Dr. Lewis Blevins and Jorge D Faccinetti cofounders, as they navigate the wonders and complexities of pituitary conditions.

Live Talk on Demand

With today's podcasts from this week's live-talk show, Dr. Blevins recaps our content dedicated to Global Cushing's month with a talk about two fascinating recent Cushing cases from his practice. He also touches on some very interesting caveats about thyroid hormone replacement.

Join us as we welcome marriage and family therapist Linda Rio for a fascinating discussion on how pituitary disease, or any chronic disease, manifests itself mentally and emotionally.