October is Pituitary Awareness Month!

Join us for Live-talk Thursdays, October 13, at 3:00 pm PST. Using his clinical experiences, Dr. Lewis Blevins will focus the discussion on hypercortisolism and the latest management practices.  Stay tuned for more Pituitary disease awareness initiatives.

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News In Brief

Amryt Pharma relaunches its patient-facing website for Mycapssa

Two surveys from COR2ED explore somatostatin injection experiences by people living with acromegaly and NETs.  To learn the details and participate, follow the links. Patient/caregiver survey: HERE; HCP survey: HERE

Recordati Rare Diseases Phase III study confirms the efficacy and safety of   ISTURISA®.  achieving sustained cortisol control in the majority of patients. Read more

Corcept Therapeutics announces new communication materials for Phase 3 Trial of Relacolirant in patients with Cushing’s syndrome.  Click here to learn more and see if you qualify. 

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals moves forward with Paltusotine® phase 3 study.  To learn more about the trial and see if you qualify, read more here.

The Podcast

Knowledge and information are critical tools to affect early diagnosis in pituitary disease. Join Dr. Lewis Blevins and Jorge D Faccinetti cofounders, as they navigate the wonders and complexities of pituitary conditions.

On our Live-talk program today, a fascinating, nothing left on the table, discussion about a variety of topics that affect pituitary patients; from access to medication and therapies to problems with social media and misinformation to the complexities of diagnosis and refuting diagnosis to the role of the doctor and the patient to solve many of these challenges.

Today's podcast focuses on an opportunity to learn about a group of rare diseases that share a common condition with pituitary disease. Histiocytosis or histiocytic disorders are a group of rare diseases that occur when there is an overproduction of white blood cells known as histiocytes that can lead to organ damage and tumor formation. DI impacts almost 50% of Histiocytosis patients and 35% of pituitary patients.

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