A round-up of the latest news

April 10, 2024

Thanks to the lovely algorithms social media is using, we may only reach some of you with some posts, so here are a few of our latest articles and podcasts. We always encourage you to

Big news for acromegaly!

September 10, 2023

San Diego, California-based Crinetics Pharmaceutical announced today that its novel investigational drug paltusotine maintained IGf-1 levels in patients who switched from monthly injectables

Online behavior: another concerning look

July 10, 2023

In a recent JAMA Network article covering the COVID-19 pandemic, 23.3% of physicians reported personal attacks on social media.  Online bullying and social media harassment are nothing new, but this behavior, plus considerable misinformation, makes disseminating helpful, accurate content an ongoing challenge.  

Rare Disease Day

February 27, 2022

On February 28, many organizations that advocate for cures, therapies, drugs, and critically early diagnosis for the known 7000 plus rare diseases join forces to focus on rare diseases. We support rarediseaseday.org and the many