Another year at the UC Berkeley-UCSF joint medical program.

There are many things about the work I do for Pituitary World News that are very rewarding and truly enjoyable. Meeting young, bright medical students is one of them.

Almost every year since my diagnosis in 2010 I’ve spent a few hours with a group of first-year medical student attending the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. This leading educational program trains future physician-leaders and equips them with a deep understanding of the social, behavioral, ethical, and human aspects of medicine. The JMP is genuinely a unique project where sections of the curriculum consist of students reviewing cases based on real patient experiences and then have an opportunity to meet that person.

One of the cases they discuss is a case of acromegaly loosely based on my personal experience, and after a thorough review the case towards the end of the year, these students interact with a person with acromegaly. In this case me. I am sure none of these students will ever miss a case of acromegaly when they become physicians, no matter the specialty they choose.

The JMP Problem Based Learning is a groundbreaking educational effort spearheaded by Dr. Jennifer Breckler and Dr. Amin Azzam both leading medical educators at Berkeley.

I always come out of these sessions energized and hoping we can do a lot more of this type of work!  Very happy to be a very small part of this great program.

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