Can oversharing information be the best medicine?

Jay Libove, a privacy and security expert, and pituitary patient discusses privacy and sharing information on social media

In today’s new age of digital medicine and near-universal availability of information, we need to be conscious about how we use technology and share information. For patients thrust into the medical world, their context for privacy can change dramatically.

Sometimes, that context takes the form of private sharing groups on social media. In this podcast, Jay Libove shares unique insights on this front, both as a security and privacy professional and as a patient himself. We’re delighted to share this podcast Hosted by Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy. Click here to listen to the podcast

You can read a transcript of the podcast here.

This podcast was hosted by Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy, Privacy Sigma Riders is essential listening for anyone interested in cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy.   Click here to learn more about this Cisco initiative. 

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