Endocrine nursing: a panel discussion

One of the great things about my work at Pituitary World News is that I often have a chance to sit down with groups of outstanding professional leaders in their fields. From the medical to the industry professionals, scientists, and other health experts who shape the direction of research and therapies that make life better for people, these group discussions are always insightful, informative, and helpful. It’s not a stretch to say we always learn something or get an interesting new perspective.

Today, I am particularly thrilled about this podcast with a group of leading professional nurses who are educators, scientists, researchers, nurse practitioners, and graduate students. Their work is critical to pituitary patients’ care and quality of life. It affects how endocrine nurses practice and how they are trained, what they learn, and how they do their jobs.

In this podcast, you will hear their opinions about the opportunities and challenges, the issues they face in ensuring enough well-trained endocrine nurses enter the profession to satisfy the demands, and their views on the future. I want to thank these extremely busy pros for taking the time to chat with me and for their tremendous work for us all. Enjoy!

Our panel today:

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