From the European Society of Endocrinology: a pituitary update

The European Society of Endocrinology recently published a pituitary update with several interesting presentations.

Of particular note, for those of you interested in the genetics of acromegaly, is a presentation by Albert Beckers a Belgian researcher and specialist in pituitary pathology. The presentation focuses on the FIPA (Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma) and the AIP gene, a more aggressive or severe version in the younger onset of acromegaly and gigantism. Although this presentation is focused on gigantism, it presents a very interesting discussion on the changes in the prevalence of acromegaly in the general population, leading researchers to suspect higher incidences of the disease than previously thought. Albert Becker’s article and presentation “Beyond the Adenoma Valley: From FIPA to Gigantism and Back” can be reviewed here.  We’ve also covered the work of Dr. Marta Korbonits on FIPA and AIP in past articles, which you can read in these Pituitary World News articles here.

This article, “Pituitary stem cells: quest for hidden functions” by Hugo Vankelecom, focuses on the effort to understand pituitary stem cells and their regenerative properties in the quest to uncover new novel ways to treat pituitary hormonal deficiencies caused by tumors, damage, and aging.  The abstract concludes that the ability to understand the hidden function of pituitary stem cells will lead to greater knowledge about their role and in doing so expose new ways to treat pituitary disease.

Two interesting articles on the need for life-long monitoring and follow-up of patients with cushing’s disease and acromegaly due to the irreversible components associated with these conditions and the complications they can cause. To review the articles click on the links below:

“Acromegaly: 10 years after the cure” by Johannes Romijn (The Netherlands),

“Cushing’s disease: 10 years after the cure” by Elena Valassi (Spain)

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