From the BBC World Service a segment on acromegaly: and a PWN request for your diagnosis story

From J D Faccinetti, cofounder – Last week the BBC World Service radio network broadcasted a story about an acromegaly patients’ diagnosis experience.  I found it fascinating first because it is not every day we hear a story about acromegaly in the media, and second because it was so similar and relevant to all of our experiences with the diagnosis of pituitary disease.

The story was part of a new BBC World Service segment called “Turning Point:  moments in life where you were never the same again”.  In this program, they ask listeners to record and  send a two-minute recording using their smartphone.

What a great idea, I thought, let’s do the same with our readers and community!

So here’s the challenge:  Using your smartphone sends us a two-minute recording of your pituitary disease diagnosis story. We will compile them and produce a podcast to share with the world.  You can do this anonymously or provide your name to mention it in the podcast.  Please send the recording to   I will record a two-minute segment of my diagnosis story and add it to the podcast.  If you want to read about my story with acromegaly you can do so by clicking here.

To listen to the BBC segment click here and move the player dial to about 13:20 minutes. The segment lasts about 2 minutes.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing your amazing stories.

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