More from Spain: Acromegalia conference packed with valuable information.

Madrid, Spain: J D Faccinetti reporting.   The Spanish Association of People affected by Acromegaly has a full schedule for this week’s conference in Madrid packed with a ton of information and help for patients.  “We are delighted with this year’s line up of physicians and experts discussing many of the related issues acromegaly patient deal with as part of their disease,” said Raquel Ciriza president and CEO of the Spanish patient support group organizing the event. 

Subjects include a presentation by Dr. Susan Webb on bone health and issues related to them.  Dr. Web practices at St Pau Hospital in Barcelona and will report on new results from her work on the subject.


Dr. Alberto Fenandez will present a comprehensive review of issues related to diabetes, a very common issue affecting people with acromegaly.

Dr. Javier Salvador will discuss cardiovascular issues associated with acromegaly, another fun condition many patients with acromegaly deal with.  Dr. Salvador will focus on causes, treatment, and prevention of the issues related to sleep apnea like hypertension, arrhythmia, and cardiac insufficiencies.

Pituitary World News, co-founder will present the latest developments of the exciting upcoming Spanish edition as well as the publication’s mission and philosophy.  “We are hoping to find many contributors and collaborators for this effort, and are looking forward to working with the team from Spain and Latin America,”  said J D Faccinetti PWN co-founder.

“We are very excited about this project to reach the Spanish speaking world” added Dr. Lewis Blevins PWN co-founder.

Please stay tuned for more announcements on this initiative and podcasts where we will share much of the information presented at the conference.







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