News from Chile and Ecuador

Margarita Vazques de Amoroso, founder, and president of Faeth in Ecuador sent us some information on their monthly meetings.   “We try to get together monthly to share our experiences and knowledge about how to manage our disease.  It’s very helpful”, said Margarita. This meeting was held at the “Hospital de Especialidades Guayaquil,  where Dr. Abel Gilbert Pontón and Dr. Roberto Cedeño, and their team presented Acromegaly therapies and participated of a question and answer session with patients and families. Read more about Faeth.

In Chile, after many years of work and struggle, CORAPEHI a pituitary patient support organization managed to get Pegvisomant (Somavert) registered in their formularies.  While it is the first step, they hope it will be readily available for people with Acromegaly that don’t respond to treatments with somatostatin analogues.  More about CORAPEHI here.

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