Live-talk, session 23 – insights on medicine and mental health: a perspective

Today’s program focuses on interactions between the medical and psychological worlds. Join Dr. Blevins and me as we welcome PWN contributor, marriage and family therapist, and author Linda Rio for a fascinating discussion on how pituitary disease, or any chronic disease, manifests itself mentally and emotionally. Listen as we muse on how emotional health and psychological distress can affect people’s daily lives and how they deal with their disorders.

Life isn’t healed after surgery

A young woman called me last year to make an appointment. She told me she had recently had endoscopic neurosurgery for craniopharyngioma. She was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. She hoped to find a mental health professional who would understand the critical link between the endocrine system and her mental health symptoms.

Comments: Our community speaks

We’ve been combing the PWN website and Facebook news feed in search of interesting comments from our readers and thought we’d share a few. Our readers are our best contributors and their comments provide very