The critical need for adrenal insufficiency awareness

If you’d like to learn more about Addison’s disease, here’s a perfect opportunity to do so.  The Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing is a comprehensive resource on Adrenal Insufficiency and three chapters from the book are available until June 25th to promote knowledge and awareness of this dangerous condition.

Here are the subjects you can read about:

 – Anatomy and Physiology of the Adrenal Gland  – Click here to read

– Diagnosis and Management of Adrenal Insufficiency in Children and Adults – Click here to read

– Prevention and Management of Adrenal Crisis in Children and Adults – Click here to read

This book provides a comprehensive guide for nurses practicing in any area of endocrinology and at any level of expertise. Endocrinology Nursing is a fast-developing specialty with nurses performing advanced roles and expanding their practice to run independent nurse-led services. Supported by the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) and edited by members of the ESE Nurses Working Group, this is the first book ever published specifically for endocrine nurses. It is also an excellent resource for endocrinology specialty trainees, general practitioners, medical and nursing students, expert patients and nurses working in specialties such as fertility, osteoporosis, oncology, obesity, urology, and gynecology, who look after patients with endocrine-related disorders

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