WAPO and PWN partner for pituitary disease awareness and action around the globe

From J D Faccinetti and Lewis S. Blevins, Jr., M.D. Founders –  Pituitary World News is pleased to announce is joining the many WAPO members making a difference around the world in the effort to generate awareness and action on pituitary disease.  “We look forward to many collaborations and worldwide initiatives.  We believe our missions to be complimentary as we aim to improve the time it takes to diagnose people with pituitary disease and improve their quality of life through knowledge and information”, said PWN co-founder JD Faccinetti.

The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – ‘WAPO’ – is a community of national pituitary patient organizations providing its members with opportunities to learn from each other, share best practices, meet at the WAPO Summit and resolve comparable problems together.  Learn more about WAPO at www.wapo.org

Please stay tuned for more announcements and future initiatives.  You can read the latest WAPO newsletter here

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