The Spanish Association of People Affected by Acromegaly annual conference

The Spanish Association of People affected by Acromegaly is holding their annual conference September 15th in Madrid, Spain.  Pituitary World News will share experiences and best practices to increase awareness of Pituitary disease worldwide.  This is the organization’s 6th annual meeting of patients and professionals.  To read more about the conference and the Association visit their website here.  Please note the site and information is in Spanish.   This year’s agenda under the theme “Something that makes us grand,” – “Algo que nos hace grandes” – is filled with exciting subjects and activities.  More detailed information will be forthcoming soon.  Please stay tuned.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity participate in this year’s gathering and are looking forward to working with the Spanish Association of People Affected by Acromegaly in the development of a Spanish language edition of PWN,”  said J D Faccinetti co-founder and chairman.  “We are receiving a great number of comments and interest from the Spanish speaking world, so we hope this initiative, which will also work in conjunction with WAPO members in Latin America, will support this important group of pituitary disease advocates” he added. More information to come on this initiative soon.

The Spanish Association of People Affected by Acromegaly is a non-profit organization, founded February 29, 2009,   Its primary objective is to provide support to patients and those affected by acromegaly, and to disseminate information that will lead to the early diagnosis of the disease.

The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO) is a self-governed non-profit organization created to unite the international pituitary patient community to push for optimal treatment and care for all patients with pituitary and related conditions worldwide. The goal of the organization is to share information, work together and support all pituitary patients’ advocates all around the world.



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