The genetics of pituitary adenomas

From Jorge D Faccinetti – cofounder.  From the National Institutes of Health – (NIH), US National Library of Medicine, comes the “Genetics Home Reference; Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions”.  This is an outstanding resource to help

More on the genetics of acromegaly

From Jorge D. Faccinetti – co-founder – The Journal Pituitary published an article on the genetic background of acromegaly.  The Authors, Mônica R. Gadelha, Leandro Kasuki and Márta Korbonits provide a great summary of current knowledge in the genetics of this disease.  Read

On genetics, family and acromegaly

An acromegaly story all the way from Patagonia, Argentina From J D Faccinetti – Pituitary World News co-founder  –  Carol Mackie Passera (Passera is her married name) is my second cousin. Our maternal grandmothers were

A few things to think about

From the editor’s desk:  Articles of note for people dealing with pituitary disease.  Here are a few information nuggets we thought might be interesting to share; a few things to think about, to chew on,