A big thank you!

From the desk of JD Faccinetti co-founder – On behalf of Dr. Lewis Blevins and myself, a big thank you to Engage Health for recognizing Pituitary World News as a Rare Disease Difference Maker™. The program recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the field, to disease groups and to individual patients/families impacted by rare diseases.

We are very happy to be counted among such a distinguished list of other great difference-makers, among them our friend and super cool endocrine nurse Daphne Adelman.  Stay tuned for a podcast with Daphne coming soon.

We also want to recognize the many patient advocates and advocacy groups that contribute to our work making information available and easy to access!  More on these organizations and their efforts coming soon.

Engage Health is a research organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of specialized research services for orphan or rare specialty medical products and care innovations. Engage Health explains, “We would like to take the time to recognize these individuals – researchers, physicians, organization leaders, parents, teachers, friends and others who have proven that they are Rare Disease Difference Maker™. Through this program, EH recognizes these Rare Disease Difference Maker™. and inspire others with practical and real-life ideas of how they can make a real, lasting impact in the community.

Thank you again!



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