Acromegaly: clinical insights in a new book

In this book,  a group of leading world-renowned clinicians and editors, Dr. Manish Aghi and Dr. Lewis Blevins, give us a guide to medical decision-making on diagnosing and treating patients with acromegaly. The goal of this publication was to construct a book that was different from any other on acromegaly. Rather than simply having a state-of-the-art review in a traditional textbook fashion, the editors wanted authors to provide their clinical insights and experiences and write a chapter reflecting such rather than rehashing a chapter similar to that found in every other book on acromegaly.

The book, published by Springer, is a comprehensive review and guide to medical decision-making regarding diagnosing and treating patients with acromegaly. It covers all relevant facets of acromegaly, beginning with a history of the disorder and a review of the somatotrophic axis. Etiology is then discussed, including growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas and other neuroendocrine tumors. Subsequent chapters present imaging modalities and diagnosis via radiology and clinical findings, as well as comorbid symptoms such as sleep apnea, musculoskeletal considerations, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes. Both medical and surgical management chapters describe each in detail, including radiotherapy, transsphenoidal surgery, somatostatin analogues, and dopamine agonists. The concluding chapters present long-term follow-up and an extended selected patient story detailing life with the disease.

In many ways, this work deviates from the usual formula of traditional textbook chapters. “As far as I’m aware, this is the first book that has a chapter regarding the patient experience,” said Dr. Blevins. “There may be others, but this is the first one I’m aware of,” he added.

I was delighted and honored when Dr. Blevins asked me to take a crack at the patients’ experience for the book, said Jorge Faccinetti, who co-founded PWN with Dr. Blevins. It was a unique, emotional, and cathartic experience to think about a disease that can dramatically change your life and write about one’s personal experience. I hope it gives the reader a better understanding of this challenging condition,” he added.

A download version of the book is now available on the Springers Website, where you can also select and download specific chapters. A hardcover version will be available for purchase shortly.

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