A new book. Stay tuned!

From the desk of Jorge D. Faccinetti – chief editor and co-founder – I am thrilled to announce that Pituitary World News co-founder Dr. Lewis Blevins has been working on a new book on Cushing’s disease. The book is well underway, with over 37 chapters already on the editor’s desk.   The book’s release date will be announced shortly. In discussions about what kind of book to write, Dr. Blevins told me he did not want it to be another stale medical textbook that seems to reference every single line, and authors never express their opinions. “This is a book about my opinions, thoughts, and decision-making, and reflects how I feel about hypercortisolism, he said. It will be rich in common knowledge facts without referencing the information. I will, however, include suggested readings for most topics”, he added.

After over 40 years of clinical practice, Dr. Blevins is one of the world authorities on Cushing’s disease and syndrome, having treated an innumerable number of patients, and published countless papers, opinions, and books on the subject. In addition to his views and comments, the book will suggest appropriate readings that will provide additional information and resources. The book will be published through Pituitary World News and edited jointly by Dr. Blevins and Jorge.    Like most things we do at Pituitary World News, it will be oriented toward patients, families, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders interested in learning more about hypercortisolism.

We are delighted to present this project to you—a book that we have all been waiting for! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project from Pituitary World News.

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