Acroline™ – Helping you live well with Acromegaly

Acroline™ is a series of four brochures created by Pfizer in collaboration with an international panel of people with acromegaly, acromegaly support groups, and health psychologists. This series of supportive guides and tools are designed to help keep your life on track and live well with acromegaly. The brochures are four comprehensive guides to well-being and disease knowledge. They include subjects like exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness, acromegaly’s impact on health and life in general, acromegaly’s impact on metabolism, bones, and joints, mental health, and sex drive, and a fantastic guide on dealing with self-image and self-care. Click on each brochure to read more and download.

Looking after your well-being:  This guide offers critical information on subjects like the benefits of moving, nutrition, and connecting with others.  It also focuses on the benefits of sleep, mindfulness, and other important factors like discovering the meaning of relaxation and breathing.




Self-image: This is a critical component of dealing with a complex disease like acromegaly.  In this guide, you can read about what it is and how self-image may affect you.  There are very practical suggestions to lessen the negative impacts it could be having in your daily life; things like thinking positively, self-care, managing other people’s reactions, being open and honest, and critically, getting the support of a specialist.



Supporting people with acromegaly: a guide for friends and family:  This guide explains what acromegaly is, how it is treated, and how acromegaly impacts health and life in general.   It also provides tips and recommendations for friends and family to help.




Acromegaly and health: This is a very helpful guide that clearly explains what acromegaly is and how it can impact your health.  Importantly, it explains what you can do to manage the conditions.  It covers subjects related to blood sugar and diabetes, body changes, bones and joints, gut and colon health, heart health, mental health, sex drive and many others.

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