And now, a quick word about plans, budgets, and costs

From co-founders Lewis S. Blevins Jr., MD and JD Faccinetti  – Today we wanted to take a break from our regular publishing and write a few lines to mention some important things.  Pituitary World News is mainly just the two of us.  Thanks to your support and help from our generous contributors, which you can view here, we’ve been able to continue to publish articles, record podcasts, and continually research to find valuable information.  We’ve also been able to get some help to keep the site and social media channels safe and working very efficiently.

It really takes more than full time to do all this work: manage the site, write the articles, research the content, record, edit, produce, and publish the podcasts. And we are constantly searching for new ways and activities to reach more people in the hope that this knowledge will lead to more interest in pituitary disease from the general public, and that this awareness will reduce times to diagnosis.  You can read our logic model, which explains how we move from assumptions to activities that produce the desired outcomes that impact our mission.

Pituitary World News is totally free of charge and is supported by donations and contributions from people like you and companies that, just like you, believe in our mission to increase awareness, improve quality of life, and reduce the number of undiagnosed and misdiagnosed people with debilitating pituitary disease.

But we need your help because what we get is just not enough.  So, if you enjoy what we are doing, and if you are able to, please chip in and help us keep doing it.  If you think about it and you give us a few dollars every time you listen to a podcast, download a brochure or read an article, it’s enough to make a world of difference.

We have a long list of exciting initiatives we’d like to implement, initiatives that we know will make a difference to our effort.  We work very efficiently and we can do this with small amounts, but, have no doubt, your support will really help.

If’ you’d like to donate, any amount works, and it will be truly appreciated.  Simply go to  to get to our donations, page click on “GET INVOLVED”, and follow the simple instructions.

Your donation is fully tax deductible.

Thank you!

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