Denials and other shenanigans: insurance companies and the games they play

Today’s’ podcast is a recording of the Pituitary World News talk program that aired live on November 16. The information comes directly from one of the busiest, most successful clinics in the world of pituitary disease. The podcast presents a real-world, honest, in-depth discussion of health insurance denials, how this practice affects patients and physicians, how they use guidelines to muddy the process, oppose individualized care, and question a specialist’s decision-making. Although most denials are successfully resolved, they undoubtedly increase costs and produce immeasurable anxiety, often leaving patients with no other choice than to get legal help or take medications that may not be what their specialist physicians prescribe. Insurance denials are real issues facing patients today and are central to a health system that desperately needs a major overhaul. Please listen and share your thoughts.

Image by tswedensky from Pixabay

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